Bunad silver Voss Winter Bunad

Voss Winter Bunad

The Bunad tradition in Voss has always been strong, and the variations in shirt, apron, belt and chest cloth often had a personal twist. Today the variations are smaller, but there is still a difference between married and unmarried. For the Winter Bunad married women use a white headdress while unmarried use nothing. Only the married women use a chain with Dalar. The Bunad has no shirt, instead it has a white neckerchief and a long sleeved coat with a deep v-front. The Bunad has a black patterned apron.

The silver: The shirt is held together with either a double neck button or a small brooch at the neck, and a bigger brooch further down. The coat has silver buttons and married women use a chain with Dalar around the neck. The winter Bunad has oxidized silver. Shoe buckles, a knife, a timepiece, earrings and a ring completes the picture.

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Bunad silver Storage
Proper storage of the Bunad and silver can save you a lot of work. Bunad bag and jewelry box takes good care of your Bunad and silver.



Gift card

Bunad silver Gift card
It's not always easy to know what the receiver prefers. Just select the one you want, and proceed to checkout. A gift card will be e-mailed to you. When the gift card is to be used, contact us, and we will help you.



Agnus Dei, Dalar

Bunad silver Agnus Dei, Dalar
 Agnus Dei usually consists of 3 pendants underneath a circular brooch which again is attached to a long chain.



Bunad rings

Bunad silver Bunad rings
Rings for the Bunad exist in many varieties. The band is open at the back of the finger so it will fit every finger it's put on.



Bunad shoes

Bunad silver Bunad shoes
Bunad shoes are usually outside of our specialty, but as a service to our customers in the U.S., we now cooperate with "Loitegaard shoes". The buckles provided with the shoes is not in silver, but can usually be replaced. 



Neck buttons / Neck pins

Bunad silver Neck buttons / Neck pins
If there are buttonholes in the collar of the shirt, you can use neck buttons. If your collar lacks holes you should use a neck pin.




Bunad silver Buttons
You will find buttons in a wide variety. Everything from the "hobo" button (fanteknappen) to the more complex Holland buttons.  



Dish brooches

Bunad silver Dish brooches
Small dishes hanging from the brooch was a common symbol for a girls virginity. Dish brooches were often used as engagement gifts. The more dishes the brooch had, the more the boy appreciated his virgin.




Bunad silver Accessories
Here you will find everything that can (but not necessarily) be used for your Bunad. There is 17. of May ribbons, belts, Chain for the Beltestakk, Bridal crowns, Arm ring, Suspender buckles etc.




Bunad silver Earrings
Some say that earrings do not belong on a Bunad. Strictly speaking this is correct. Back then, earrings were totally useless since the ears were covered. Today many skip the headgear and use earrings insted.



Lady of the house key

Bunad silver Lady of the house key
Husfruen was responsible for both food, clothing and household goods. That's why she had a key in her belt. Obtaining the wife of the house key from either mother or mother-in-law was an honor, and it meant that she now had power.




Bunad silver Knives
In the old days, the Bunad knife was a food tool. Today it is only to Bunad and party costume that we are allowed to carry the knife in public place. In earlier times, the knife was an important heirloom that passed into inheritance through many generations.



Watch chain and timepieces

Bunad silver Watch chain and timepieces
A gorgeous pocket watch with chain are nice Accessories to the Bunad. You can choose between mechanical clockwork, or a battery driven clockwork. 




Bunad silver Umbrellas
The umbrella is no part of the Bunad, but when it rains, it's nice to have an umbrella that fits the style of the day!



Hair accessories

Bunad silver Hair accessories
Hair accessories might not be the first thing you think of when you choose your Bunad silver, but why not use a brooch for your hair too? It is common to arrange your hair for great occasions.