Bunad silver Os lady

Os lady

For a long period of time it was the Hardanger Bunad that was in use here. It is still in use in Os, but they made a new costume in the 1950s based on material from the 1800s. It is made in several editions with combinations of ribbons and fabrics. The waist piece for married ladies are in green fabric, while unmarried use red. The skirt is black with a red underskirt. The apron and shirt is in white linen or rough cotton. The chest cloth and belt can have pearls, wool embroideries or a combination. The belt is attached with a buckle, but married women can also use a silver belt.
The silver: For a red waist piece you use mostly gilded silver, while the Bunad with a green waist piece has the oxidized version of the silver. You use a neck button with pendants, and over the chest cloth, one or two bigger brooches together with cufflinks. On the waist piece there is a Bore pin on each side of the décor on the chest cloth. Married women may use either a chain or Dalar for festive occasions. Together with the belt buckle at the waist, married women can also use belt plaques. A ladies knife, time piece, earrings and a Bunad ring completes this Bunad.

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Rose Brooch no. 2 fair

Bunad silver Rose Brooch no. 2 fair
This dapper rose brooch consists of fair kidney-filigree work that measures 6.5 cm in diameter.