Bunad silver Bomlo/Stord/Fitjar gentleman

Bomlo/Stord/Fitjar gentleman

This Bunad is inspired by how one assumed men's fashion looked like at the end of the 1800's. The Bunads from this area are rather alike and so there is no Bunad made particularly for Fitjar, as the costume traditions there are the same as in Stord and Bomlo. The double-breasted coat, called the "Laska" coat, is in black cloth and is made in two lengths. One uses a red vest and black breeches, white shirt and knee stockings with a patterned lace. The head garment is a patterned knit cap, and in the neck, one may wear a silk neckerchief.
The silver: All the buttons and buckles on the coat, breeches and vest are silver. The neck button at the neck of the shirt might have some gilded leaves, but it is mostly just silver. The sleeves on the shirt have got cufflinks. The coat cannot be buttoned, but it has a row of 6 buttons on each side. At the back of the coat, there is one button one each of the wedges. On the shoes one uses a pair of buckles, and then a man should have a knife and a timepiece with his Bunad.

Shoe buckles no. 4 oxidized

Bunad silver Shoe buckles no. 4 oxidized
Length 5.3 cm, width 4.3 cm, inner width 2.2 cm. A petit pair of filigree shoe buckles. Delivered as a pair.

Shoe buckles no. 3 oxidized

Bunad silver Shoe buckles no. 3 oxidized
Simple, clean lines distinguish these shoe buckles. The size is 5.0 x 4.5 cm. Delivered as a pair.