Bunad silver Fusa gentleman

Fusa gentleman

It has been made several suggestions for the gentleman's Bunad, but depictured here is the reconstruction made by Else Bodil Gjøn. The work is not viewed as finished yet, but the Bunad is already in use. The coat, vest and pants are in black cloth with red lining around the buttonholes. Wide, embroidered suspenders are used for the pants, often with the owner's initials. A hat, a silk neckerchief and Bunad shoes goes with it.

The silver: There is a double row of seven buttons at the front of the vest. On the coat, there is a simple row of five buttons on each side and two buttons on each sleeve. The waistline of the pants is buttoned with five buttons. The buttons are most commonly is copper, whilst the cufflinks in the shirt and the neck button is in silver. In addition, a man should have his knife, and then one might want to consider shoe buckles in silver, a timepiece and a chain to go with it.

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Shoe buckles no. 4 oxidized

Bunad silver Shoe buckles no. 4 oxidized
Length 5.3 cm, width 4.3 cm, inner width 2.2 cm. A petit pair of filigree shoe buckles. Delivered as a pair.

Shoe buckles no. 3 oxidized

Bunad silver Shoe buckles no. 3 oxidized
Simple, clean lines distinguish these shoe buckles. The size is 5.0 x 4.5 cm. Delivered as a pair.