Bunad silver Trondelag / Orkdal lady

Trondelag / Orkdal lady

The Bunad from Trøndelag was first created in the 1920s. The basis for the pattern was old preserved clothes from Trøndelag. This area in Norway is exciting when it comes to Bunads. It is far between people, and that is the reason for all the variation between the Bunads.

The silver on the other hand does not show much variation, this is because back then it was only the city goldsmith that was allowed to work with pure metals. The consequence was that most of the silver was made in Trondheim city, and looked more or less alike. The silver usually had a functional purpose: The neck brooch was for keeping the neck collar together, the cufflinks for the cuffs and 2 hasps for the vest, together with a purse lock. At the upper part of the vest you usually use a ring brooch or an Agnus Dei (Dalar). To accessorize you can use a ring, ear pendants, a knife and shoe buckles.

Hair accessories no. 29 with engraving area oxidized

Bunad silver Hair accessories no. 29 with engraving area oxidized

This is a very nice hairclip. It has a area in center for engraving. It is 5.5 cm long and 4.6 cm wide.


Engraving the umbrella plate

Bunad silver Engraving the umbrella plate

If you wish to engrave a monogram, a year or a date. Remember to type in the engraving-text when you get to the shopping cart.