Bunad silver Rogaland lady

Rogaland lady

Rogaland have several types of Bunad for women, all of which have the same background in Bunad material. The fitting and the embossing in the Bunad material from Ry-fylke show a rococo type fitting, whilst Bunad models from further in to the county, i.e. Suldal, show a renaissance type fitting.

The silver: At the neck there is a neck button shaped as a double button with pendants, and under that there's a larger round dish-brooch. The waist piece has 4-5 flat, molded eyelets that are laced with an eyelet chain called an "Ertekjede" in silver. Everything is silvered. One would need a belt buckle and a purse clasp in addition, the plaque belt may be carried only by married women.

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Knife button no. 1 oxidized

Bunad silver Knife button no. 1 oxidized
This button is easy to assemble by yourself. It is for hanging your knife on if you don't have a belt. 19 mm, filigree pattern.