Bunad silver Romsdal gentleman

Romsdal gentleman

The gentleman's Bunad from Romsdal have been in use since the beginning of the 1920s. The Bunad is made with either a waistcoat or a knee-long coat, both in grey spotted fulled woolen cloth. The vest may be either square-patterned or in one color, and the knee breeches are either black or blue.

The neck button and cufflinks are in silver, whilst the buttons and buckles may also be in tin. In the coat there are 5 pairs of buttons in the front and a pair on each lower collar, 4 buttons on the sleeves and 3 on the pocket covers. For the vest one may have 4 to 5 pairs of buttons and a button in each lower collar. The breeches close with 3 buttons in the waistline and 3 to 4 buttons and a buckle by the knee lining. The shirt closes in the neck with a neck button and in the sleeves with cufflinks made from silver. Shoe buckles, a knife, a timepiece and a chain is needed to make the set complete.

Neck button no. 3 oxidized

Bunad silver Neck button no. 3 oxidized
This is a pole button, meaning it has got a plate in the back fastened to the button by a pole. It is placed in buttonholes. This is about 5 cm long.