Bunad silver Kvinnherad gentleman

Kvinnherad gentleman

The costume from Kvinnherad is based on the fashion in the area in the 1800s. It has a blue or red vest, black breeches and a white or black coat. The vest has a simple row of nine buttons, and the buttonholes are edged with red woolen fabric. The coat has no buttons. The breeches have one knee buckle together with three buttons above each knee. The pant-flap is closed with buttons. The shirt is in white cotton or linen, and decorated with seam.

The silver: Oxidized silver is the most common version for this Bunad. In the shirt you can use a neck button with pendants, and cufflinks. The vest is decorated with a simple row of nine silver buttons, preferably four or five leaved rose button. Three silver buttons and a buckle are used for fastening each of the knee linings. In addition you should have a knife, shoe buckles in silver and a time-piece with a chain.

Neck pin no. 12 oxidized

Bunad silver Neck pin no. 12 oxidized
Neck pin with pendant cross leaves. 3.6 cm wide and 5 cm long. Oxidized.