Bunad silver Meldal Lady

Meldal Lady

The Meldal Bunad was first launched in 1952; it is based on some old conserved costume-parts from the 1800s. The waist piece for this Bunad can be green or red. Earlier it was made in several other colors. The skirt is made in blue or black wool fabric, while the apron is in black damask or white linen or cotton. The belt is decorated with biblical embroidered motives and has three clasps in front. The Bunad has headdresses that separated married from unmarried. It has a purse, a cape and a coat too.

The silver: The silver fasteners for the cape, coat and belt is made after old silver from the area. It is common to use one or two fair brooches at the neck and chest. The cuffs are held together with cufflinks. The silver is termed the "Meldal" brooch (Meldalssølja) and is made after a brooch from the 1800s. The bag lock is made in fair silver or brass. A ring, a timepiece, earrings and shoe buckles complete this Bunad.

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Purse clasp no. 20 plated oxidized

Bunad silver Purse clasp no. 20 plated oxidized
Plated (silvered) purse clasp. 13.2 cm wide.