Bunad silver Namdalen lady

Namdalen lady

The Bunad from Namdalen was created by Kaja Severeide in the 1950s. The special thing with this Bunad is the traditional block print on the green woolen skirt. The waist piece is made in a damask-like red fabric, and the shirt is white embroidered linen. The pockets are made of the same fabric as the waist-piece, with inlaid black velvet. A headdress, a neckerchief and a cape belongs with this Bunad too.

The silver: There has been made exclusive silver for this Bunad, based on Woxenga collections in Vikna. At the top of the shirt you use a small neck brooch, slightly further down you use a bigger brooch and in the cuffs you have cufflinks. The cape and waist piece is decorated with quite big silver fasteners. The purse clasp was in the old days made in brass, but is now made in silvered metal too. A ring, a timepiece and a knife together with earrings makes this Bunad complete.

Clasp Namdal fair

Bunad silver Clasp Namdal fair
This simple but pretty and engraved clasp from Namdal measures 7.9 cm. Delivered as a pair.