Bunad silver Loken Lady

Loken Lady

This Bunad is developed by the Østfold Women Farmer Association (Bondekvinnelag), and was put in production in 1949. The Bunad is made in blue or black fabric, and has wool embroideries at the front piece and back piece. The embroideries are designed by Halvdan Arnesen. The shirt is in white linen and has embroidered motives on the collar, chest and cuffs. The hat and purse is made in the same fabric as the waist piece and skirt, they too have gorgeous embroideries. You can get a cape and a silver belt.

The silver: The silver is designed by Halvdan Arnesen and is made mainly in gilded silver. You can get it in an oxidized version too. The top of the shirt is held together with a neck pin with or without pendants. The chest is decorated with a circular brooch with pendants, and the cuffs are fastened with cufflinks. The waist piece is held together with three small buckles and a fabric-belt with a quite big belt buckle. The purse has a magnificent purse clasp in brass. There are buckles for the coat, cape and shoes. Lately a ring, earrings and silver belt has been added to this Bunad.

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Earrings Loeken small

Bunad silver Earrings Loeken small
These pendant erarrings are simple but very nice. They are 23 mm. long and delivered as a pair.  

Earrings Loeken large

Bunad silver Earrings Loeken large
These earrings are quite georgeus, they are pendant earrings in the same pattern as the lower elements of the Loeken chest brooch. 45 mm long. Delivered as a pair.