Goldsmith Sando is originally from Hallingdal, and since 1901 the profession has travelled four generations down. Kolbjørn and Jørgen Sando are both Master Goldsmiths and have always been devoted to keeping a good professional profile, being able to offer both engraving and repairing to their clients in their own workshop.
Our specialty is silver and brooches for Bunads, with the Tinnbunad, Skjælestakk, Beltestakk, Øst-Telemark and Vest-Telemark Bunad in particular. We are part of the largest society of goldsmiths in Norway called ARTE, because we want to be able to keep up to speed with the market, so we in turn may be able to offer our clients the absolute best. In addition, we are a member of "Norges Gullsmedforbund" (Directly translated into "The Norwegian Goldsmith Association"), founded by Kolbjørn Sando, amongst others.
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