Bunad silver Bardu Malselv gentleman

Bardu Malselv gentleman

The male Bunad from Bardu Malselv (Målselv) builds on a variety of costume habits that came with the immigrants that moved to the area. The coat is black and simple with an erect collar. The vest is red squared in front and the Bunad comes with both breeches and long pants. The shirt is plain white without any embroideries.

The silver: Silver with the filigree pattern is used for the shirt, coat, vest and pants or breeches. On the shirt one should use a neck button with pendants for the neck collar, and cuff-buttons for the cuffs. We recommend asking the tailor of your Bunad about the correct number of buttons for the coat, vest and pants or breeches. Shoe-buckles, knee-buckles, a knife, a timepiece and a chain all go with this Bunad.