Bunad silver Numedal Gentlemen "gray-coat"

Numedal Gentlemen "gray-coat"

The "grey-coat" from Numedal was most commonly used in the 1800s to 1850s. After that the darker "round-coat" took its place. Around the 1920s the gray-coat came back, and is still in use. The coat is of medium length and is made in white wool fabric that is trimmed with green and red. The breeches are in black wool fabric with a big flap in front. It is kept up by big brass buttons. The vest is in green wool, and has a double row of buttons in front, and pockets in the sides with buttons. All buttonholes are trimmed with red.

The silver: At the neck you use a neck button or neck pin. On the vest there is a double row of eight buttons, and one button at each pocket. At the flap in the pants you use six big brass buttons and one slightly smaller for the pant lining. At the knee lining you use four silver buttons and one clasp for fastening the breeches at the knee. In addition you should have a knife, silver shoe buckles, a time piece and a chain for it.

Shoe buckles no. 3 oxidized

Bunad silver Shoe buckles no. 3 oxidized
Simple, clean lines distinguish these shoe buckles. The size is 5.0 x 4.5 cm. Delivered as a pair.

Shoe buckles no. 9 oldgilded

Bunad silver Shoe buckles no. 9 oldgilded
This is a pretty, oval shoe buckle with flower elements. Delivered as a pair.