Bunad silver Troms gentlemen

Troms gentlemen

The gentleman's Bunad from Troms, the way it is today, was originally designed by the tailor Cornelius Jacobsen in Harstad as a groom's Bunad for Johannes Eidsnes in 1924. The material for the Bunad was collected from different places in Nordland and Troms. The coat and the knee breeches are in black wool fabric. One may use suspenders with the knee breeches, fastened with buttons. The vest is in flowery brocade looking fabric and there is also a white shirt, stockings and a band for the stockings.

The silver: In total, there are 18 small and 24 large buttons. The neck button and the cufflinks have a special motif for Troms in oxidized silver. They are designed from some old silver buttons from Troms museum. The same motif is used for the ladies Bunad from Troms. Shoe buckles, knee buckles, a knife and a knife button for the pants lining, and a timepiece and chain should all be included to complete this Bunad.

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Buckles Troms oxidized

Bunad silver Buckles Troms oxidized
These buckles are used as suspender- and shoe buckles. They are 40 mm long and 30 mm wide. Delivered as a pair.