Bunad silver East-Telemark gentleman

East-Telemark gentleman

The grey coat, "gråkufta", is the most used model of the East-Telemark gentleman's Bunad. Yet the green coat from Heddal is quite common as well. There are a lot of opportunities.
The silver for the gentleman's Bunad mostly consists of buttons. Most often, that's 10-12 large ones and 2-6 smaller ones for the coat, 14-24 smaller ones on the vest, and 4-8 large and 4-12 smaller ones for the pants. Some tailors vary a bit on the number, so we advise you to speak to your particular tailor. In addition to buttons one may use neck buttons or a horn ring at the neck, then a neckerchief, and further down, there may be a horn ring and/or one or more smaller fasteners. And then there's cufflinks. Any gentleman's Bunad should be completed with a knife (if permitted in your area), preferably with silver fittings with engraved patterns and cut patterns in the leather on the sheath. Shoe buckles in silver, a timepiece and a chain for it ought to be considered as well.

Tuddal fastener

Bunad silver Tuddal fastener
A simple, smaller brooch type. 2.7 cm in diameters. The brooch is one of the oldest and is called fastener (Sprette) in most parts of Norway.

Neck brooch no. 6 oxidized

Bunad silver Neck brooch no. 6 oxidized
This is a plain and pretty neck brooch, it's 3.5 cm in diameter.