Bunad silver Troms lady

Troms lady

This Bunad is based on literature, photos and old conserved fabrics. The fabric for the skirt is inspired by an old sample from Bjarkøy, and the shape is borrowed from a wedding-Bunad from Tranøy, Senja. The vest for this Bunad is sown in dark red or gilded damask. It has been made two headdresses in black, and a gorgeous black cape with red lining. You can have a bow in colors from this Bunad too. It is fastened with a pretty little brooch. If you don't have this bow, you can choose between several silk neckerchiefs. Shoe buckles and an umbrella belongs here too.

The silver: The silver is made based on old silver buttons from Troms museum. The same motif is used on for the gentleman's- and children's Bunad from Troms. In the shirt you use a neck pin with a bigger brooch on the chest. There are cufflinks for the cuffs. The vest is decorated with five quite big buttons. Earrings, shoe buckles and a ring makes the picture complete.

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Brooch Troms oxidized

Bunad silver Brooch Troms oxidized
This magnificent brooch has eight rings with pendant orbs in each ring. The center of the brooch has the same pattern as the rest of the silver from Troms. 6.8 cm in diameter.